All our Kitchens, Bathroom cabinets, Robes and any other Joinery is designed and built at our factory! We work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver elegant joinery to suit their personal style and needs.

Yes. We offer a warranty on all our kitchens we manufacture. Our warranty includes any manufacturing defects, material and workmanship. We already implement a vigorous quality assurance process ensuring that we minimise a defective product.

We certainly can! We will organise and coordinate with your builder and architect to design and manufacture your kitchen.

Yes, we do schedule production! We have developed a system that tracks your kitchen to ensure production stays on time.

Not typically, however, it depends on the type of floor you aim to have. If you have any concerns or are unsure, please contact us!

A new kitchen can range from $7,000 to $60,000. The kitchen cost ultimately comes down to what materials and design you want to achieve.

Yes we do! We will work together with you to restore your existing kitchen to your design.

Unfortunately we do not sell appliances, we aim to work with you and determine what dimensions will fit your design.

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