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Slick & Inspiring Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Kitchens are the most used and abused room in the house.

Smoke stains, food particles, foot traffic and regular clean-ups are just some of the factors that could speed up the tarnishing and damage of even the most cared-for and maintained kitchens.


To keep your kitchen looking bright and fresh, get it updated and refreshed every once in a while.

Auscraft Kitchens is a well-known and trusted name in Brisbane and Gold Coast, specialising in modern kitchen design and custom kitchen cabinets.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver the best modern kitchen design to suit your personal style and needs.

Stylish Kitchen Designs

Create Your Dream Kitchen And Kitchen Cabinets With Us!


We design more than a kitchen

The kitchen is a room that we are increasingly using not only for cooking but also for dining and entertaining. The bright lights and tasty aromas attract family and friends to the hardest-working spot in your home.

We are passionate about creating luxurious, practical and functional living environments. All of our kitchen designs are as individual and unique as each of our clients.

Let us help with your new kitchen design!

We also assist our clients with choosing the right style, features and materials for their new kitchen.

All our custom designed cabinets are manufactured to size at our Yatala factory from the highest quality materials.